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Top 5 Classic Car Shows this summer

Classic Car Shows taking place this summer

26 June, Triumph Roadster Club Car Rally, Cricket Pitch Hatfield House, Herts

A wonderful display of British cars built just after the end of the World War II. A collection of the three different models built by Triumph between 1946 and 1954 will be at Hatfield House as their owners clubs …


Would you buy a Sabaru Levorg?

Eastlife’s motoring columnist Sue Cooke test drives the Sabaru Levorg

Facts at a Glance

Model: Subaru Levorg GT

Price: £ 27,495otr

Engine: 1.6 litre DIT Boxer

Performance: 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 130mph

Combined fuel consumption: 40mpg

CO2 emissions: 164g/km

Subaru brings some great cars to the UK. Last year one of the most searched for and …


Highlights of the sleek and stylish BMW 7 Series

With the new BMW 7 Series, BMW has redefined what an exclusive, luxurious driving experience looks like in contemporary, pioneering form.

Groundbreaking technologies in the areas of lightweight design, powertrains, chassis, operating systems, intelligent connectivity and interior ambience underline its mission to bring together unbeatable driving pleasure and long-distance comfort in a luxury sedan.


Design: stylish presence, …