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Cambridge’s Travellers Drastically Underestimating Healthcare Costs Abroad

Do you know the real cost of health care abroad? A recent survey by recently revealed that Cambridge’s travellers are drastically underestimating healthcare costs abroad.

It was discovered that half don’t purchase travel insurance, that US medical treatments are underestimated by up to £67,000 and Spanish medical treatments underestimated by nearly £22,000.

With the summer holidays just around the corner, …


Martin Lewis: How to manage debt

How to manage your debt

My aim today is simple: to slash the interest you pay to 0%. This is a masterclass in cutting the
cost not just of credit cards, but loans, overdrafts and store cards too.

It isn’t just about cost reduction, it can mean you’re debt free quicker too – as if you pay less …

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New study reveals a third of over-55s want to downsize

One in three homeowners aged 55+ (32.6%) are considering or expect to consider downsizing, according to a new study from the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC).

This figure rises to nearly one in two of all homeowners aged 55+ (48.2%) when factoring in those who have already sold their home and bought somewhere smaller (15.6%).

The …


Martin Lewis: How to save on Christmas presents

Bah humbug. Christmas (and Chanukah and Eid) is coming, and millions will celebrate it as a retail festival. Call me Scrooge – and many do – but I’d love to ban the giving of unnecessary presents and I’ve been campaigning on it for years.

I’m not talking about gifts for your partner and kids under the tree, …


Your Guide to a Happier Retirement

With confusion surrounding Osborne’s pension reforms and freedom, Charlie Reading – author of ‘Dream Retirement’ and one of the UK’s top financial planners (rated top 10 by Sunday Telegraph), tells us how save for a happier retirement…

If you want to know how much money you need in retirement, whether you will run out of money, …


Know Your Pension

This year saw the most radical changes to private pensions for a generation. We asked consumer champion Martin Lewis for his advice…


Equity Release: Everything you need to know

By Aaron Pooley

For the over 55’s there is a way to access some of the money that is tied up in your home. Known as equity release, this is a way to access your money as either a lump sum or in smaller amounts.