Choosing the right rugs for your home

Choosing the right rugs for your home

Darren Stanley from Land of Rugs shares his tips for finding a rug to suit your home.

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Well-chosen rugs are wonderful things. They can really pull a room together and bring a sense of warmth to your home that you just can’t get from a hardwood or tiled floor. Buying a rug is also an affordable and easy way to update a space and give it some personality. There are, however, some things to consider before choosing one.

Where will it go?

Certain rooms in your house may benefit best from a specific type or weave of rug, so it’s important to keep this in mind. For example, while a thick, shaggy rug might be lovely to step on when you get out of bed, it may not function or fare as well on a spill-prone kitchen floor. A rug made of cotton would be a better choice in this situation, as it’s a durable material and absorbent enough to deal with the inevitable splashes.

How big does it need to be?

It’s time to get your measuring tape out, because the size of a rug can make or break the look of a space. Seating areas in particular often require rugs that are on the larger side. If you’re looking for something to enhance your dining area, you want to be able to pull out the chairs and still have them sitting on the rug. Similarly, in your living space, a rug big enough to lie under at the least the front legs of each piece of furniture works best.

What kind of colour or pattern would you like?

As well as being functional, rugs help to decorate a space and, while it might be tempting to choose one that matches your walls or furniture, they offer an opportunity to be more creative. A bright or busy rug can give a quirky edge to a room, while a neutral or classic-looking piece can make a room look more elegant and sophisticated — you just need to decide what you’re going for.

By considering these three factors, you can’t go wrong. You’ll end up with a practical rug that will adorn your chosen room perfectly, giving you a warm and welcoming home to be proud of.


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