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61024ct42-43-300x131The beautiful architecture of Cambridge has been bought to life by artist Graham Byfield in the book ‘Cambridge: The Watercolour Sketchbook’.

Created by Graham and writer, journalist and conservationist Marcus Binney, and published by Laurence King, the book is a joyful collection of Cambridge’s architectural imagery. Images range from the University to river and museums and churches.

Graham said: “The concept of the book came about because I had done a similar sketchbook on Oxford, and we wanted to extend this to become the Oxbridge Collection. Two beautiful cities. Cambridge is one of the best conserved cities in the world and has some of the finest buildings in Europe.”

Accompanying the paintings and sketches are observations and notes handwritten by the artist as 61024ct36a-300x218well as an introduction to Cambridge by Marcus.

Graham added: “Marcus Binney OBE is a historian, and we would walk the streets of Cambridge together to choose what to include in the book. I don’t just paint the buildings, I actually like to know all about the subject matter, so Marcus’ knowledge and appreciation for the buildings was very rewarding.”

It took almost 18 months to complete the 150 paintings and drawings, with some being more challenging than others. “Kings College Chapel is my favourite illustration, because it was a real challenge to draw, let alone paint! Whist I was sketching the choir entered to practice for the 9 61024ct45-300x262Carols concert. This gave me the idea to do the subject of the concert painting,” said Graham.

“I feel Cambridge has a wonderful intermit quality, as all the college buildings are so close to one another with such fine views from outside and inside. It is timeless!”

‘Cambridge: The Watercolour Sketchbook’ is available to buy in hardback priced £19.95. New this summer are boxed note cards which feature 12 illustrations, priced £9.95.

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