10 Healthy Holidays To Change Your Life

Seize the day and make now the time to change your life for the better by reaching your health and iStock_000092078153_Smallfitness goals on a healthy holiday escape.

Find your inspiration as Health and Fitness Travel, specialists in healthy holidays worldwide, round up the top 10 self-improving wellness holidays to enhance your life. Whether to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking, learn to surf or beat insomnia, take the time out to reach your goals and return home and happier and healthier you.

TI-Sana-outdoor-groundsDetoxify your body in
Italy – Ti Sana Liver Detox

Recharge your well-being from the inside-out with a cleansing liver detox at the welcoming wellness retreat of Ti Sana, nestled in the Italian countryside. Combining organic vegan nutrition, healthy probiotics and detoxifying spa therapies, this signature programme aims to improve the health of those who put daily strain on their liver through diets rich in saturated fats, sugar or alcohol. Following recommendations from the initial 1-on-1 consultation, choose from one of three pathways; slimming, relaxing or energising. Recover in the safe hands of Italian hospitality, as you learn from their healthy vegetarian approach to both raw and cooked nutrition during educational cooking sessions.

Learn yoga in Bali: – Komune Resort Yoga & SpaKomune-Bali-Board-yoga

Escape to Bali for a beachside yoga retreat nestled on a secluded volcanic beach and overlooking the famous Keramas reef. Target any deep muscle tension with a roll and release yoga class, learn how to continue your practise at home with a private tuition session or head out onto the ocean with paddleboard yoga. Make the most of a choice of daily activities and classes, from a surfing session or Mt Batur volcano hike, to a traditional cooking lesson in Ubud or power spin class. Nourish your body with organic meals and cold pressed juices, before treating it to a daily spa treatment and a visit to a Balinese healer.

Shape up in Portugal – Epic Sana Bootcamp

Are those extra few pounds weighing you down? Kick-start your weight-loss regime and get the motivation you need to make healthy lifestyle changes on a luxury bootcamp holiday. Following an expert fitness assessment, sweat it out in outdoor bootcamp sessions from cardio boxing to cycling and military workouts. Unwind at the end of an active day with a group yoga or Pilates class before indulging with a luxury massage. Refuel your body with a healthy meal plan and be inspired by the wellness workshop for expert advice and tips that will see you return home with the knowledge you need to continue a healthier lifestyle.

 Beat Insomnia in Thailand – Kamalaya Sleep Enhancement

Don’t let that embarrassing yawn get you down any longer. Sleeping issues can be swept away at Kamalaya, where holistic naturopathy is teamed with practical lifestyle changes to improve your routine. Benefit from a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, healing therapies, massages and Shirodhara to produce a state of deep relaxation. Spend your day in the spas plunge pools and steam caverns after your treatments and you’ll soon feel the positive effects of an uninterrupted sleeping pattern, and insomnia will be a past nightmare.

Learn to surf in Morocco – Paradis Plage SurfingiStock_000044734240_Small

Ride the waves and become a pro on a surfing holiday at Paradis Plage in Morocco. Hone your skills in surf lessons and you’ll soon be catching waves like you’ve been surfing for years. Or if you’d rather a little more variety, why not combine your surfing with some yoga classes? This will give you the full body workout that pro surfers need to perform at their best. Compliment your core activities with fitness classes like body sculpt and beach circuit training and you’re sure to return home an all-round surf fanatic.

Stop smoking in Spain – SHA Anti-Tobacco

Are you longing to give up smoking but the quick fixes haven’t worked? SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain has all the tools you need for a successful last attempt. With a personalised wellness programme of traditional Chinese medicine, natural therapies and modern technology, you’ll see those smoke rings blow away without the slightest hint of remorse. SHA will address your mental as well as your physical dependency, with anti-anxiety classes and psychological and fitness assessments to tackle your nicotine addiction head on, to ensure you return home smoke-free.

iStock_000070396403_SmallLearn how to beat stress in India – Ananda in the Himalayas Stress Management 

Learn how to beat stress and take the time to reflect on yourself and your goals on a relaxing retreat in India. Escape the downward spiral in a tranquil atmosphere and recharge your being through a selection of traditional Ayurveda therapies, expert consultations and wellness activities on the Stress Management programme at Ananda. Return home feeling energised, inspired and informed to make the small changes that manifest themselves into a healthier day-to-day stress free lifestyle.

Learn Thai boxing in Thailand – Absolute Sanctuary Fusion Fitness

Fancy yourself as a future pro martial artist? Pick up the moves in one-on-one lessons with an expert on a Fusion Fitness™ holiday at Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui. Alongside your Thai boxing workouts, you could opt for power walking, beach circuits, weight training or yoga and work on your mental fighting spirit with meditation. Recover with spa treatments from pressure point and Thai massage to relieve aching muscles and fitness assessments to ensure you are the top of your game, you are sure to return home in fighting shape and optimal fitness.

Get fit in Ibiza – 38° North Ibiza Optimal Fitness Group Retreat38-North_group-stretch

Find your fitness and tone up in Ibiza on an optimal fitness group retreat with 38 Degrees North. Enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza with a week’s fitness holiday of exploring your limits and working hard with four to five activities per day. Choose from a selection of activities like mountain biking, guided hiking, beach circuits, aqua spinning, yoga, or even, for those who don’t mind making a splash, stand-up paddle boarding. Recuperate with deluxe spa treatments and you’ll bounce home feeling as good as new in optimal health and fitness.

Learn Tennis in St. Lucia – The BodyHoliday Tennis

Perfect for beginners and wannabe professionals escape on an exciting tennis holiday to The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia. With group classes to suit all abilities, personalised private lessons and a tournament to show off your newly developed skills this is a holiday experience you won’t forget. What’s more, you can enjoy a range of luxurious spa treatments and energising fitness classes in between your time on the court.



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