Tips for improving your golf technique

iStock_000061786830_SmallHave you tried personal training to improve your golf technique?

Chelmsford City Council has started to offer a series of small group personal training sessions to help people reach their fitness goals without having to find the full costs of a personal trainer.

Here we meet Adam Holmes, Fitness Team Leader at Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre, who gives us the lowdown on why the gym is the perfect place to improve your performance on the golf course:

Any amateur golfer would tell you that the most annoying and frustrating part of the sport is consistency. How can I hit an amazing shot in one moment and then a terrible shot the very next time? Lessons with golf Pro’s are brilliant to improve the technical aspects of your game such as your swing, how you strike a ball etc with work in the gym often overlooked or seen as unimportant, and with no link to the golf course.

The ‘Improve your Golf’ small group training programme at Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Core-Strength-SGT-3Centre has been specifically designed to focus on improving core strength, through stabilisation and rotational exercise whilst maintaining a neutral spinal position; something that is vital whilst playing a golf shot. Many people think of the “core” as the stomach, but there is so much more to it. For your core to be strong you also need to work on your stomach muscles, the sides, lower back and Gluteus Maximus (bum): all must be equally strong.

Balance also plays a massive part in consistency so we focus a large proportion of the sessions at improving this component of fitness. Finally the most over looked and underrated component of fitness, flexibility. Each session is concluded with a 15 minute flexibility session which will help with posture and injury prevention.

Keith is a member of Chelmsford Golf Club, and plays off of scratch. Over a year into training at Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre, Keith has increased core strength, enabling him to strike the ball cleaner on a more consistent basis, as well as using his core muscles to generate the power through the golf swing leading to increased strength and length.

Keith plays on the UK Seniors Golf Association (UKSGA), tour and finished 5th in the order of merit last year, earning a place on the UKSGA scratch cup team to play other European teams in Norway in July this year.

Keith has also just returned from Spain where he took place in the Spanish Seniors Open finishing 16th in a field of 120 players. Keith said: “At Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre, they do not simply want to take you through a set of exercises, they help you understand why we are working the body in a certain way, and how the exercise is linked to golfing performance. Through creating this understanding, you are more likely to succeed as it has a relevance to your aspirations and reasons for starting the programme in the first place”.

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