Volunteers paint the East yellow for Marie Curie

Great-Daffodil-Fundraising-activities-compilationIconic of the spring time, the daffodil is a sign of life, a beauty to behold. But beyond being a  signifier of sunnier times ahead, the daffodil holds another meaning: the emblem of Marie Curie. Throughout February and March, thousands of committed volunteers across the east have been committing their time and efforts to raise awareness and funds for the charity’s vital work.

Marie Curie give care and support to those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and (equally as importantly) those closest to them. Terminal illness is only on the rise, with an aging population and longer working lives making it a sad reality for many families across the UK. In fact 44% of the population live the last year of their lives with multiple long term conditions, and this is set to rise to total 2.9 million UK citizens by 2018. Palliative care is something which we need to invest in now, to ensure that those who are living with multiple illnesses are not living, or dying, in pain and that those closest to them are given the support they need.

The east has been awash with collectors in all of the area’s main towns, manning the streets Marie-Curie-collector-4-credit-Trevor-Smeatoncheerily in their bright yellow attire. Local stores, such a Superdrug and Lidl, have also been getting on the act, collecting and holding fundraising events in their store. Special mentions should also go to groups who have hosted a multitude of different events over the campaign’s period: including Abigail’s Performing Arts Club (Essex) and snowdrop gardens all over the East donating their funds to the cause.

And their work does not stop there. Aiming to outdo any previous years of fundraising, volunteers across the east are continuing to work throughout April. From buying a daffodil pin, to signing up to collect, to organising an event it’s never too late to get involved. For more information on events in your area or how to get involved, visit the East of England Facebook page or visit the Marie Curie website.

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