The rise of the olderpreneur

What are your plans for your 50s? Will you be happily heading for retirement or diving into a newNo Desire to Retire career? Steve Perry, 57, founder of ‘No Desire To Retire’, tells us why it’s never too late to land your dream job…

Forget the new generation of whizz kids, it’s the over 50s with their decades of experience that are tempting employers. One man fighting their corner is Steve Perry. His business venture ‘No Desire To Retire’, the UK’s only website dedicated to helping over 50s find work, be it full-time, part-time or voluntary, has become an instant success.

It was a phrase used in a client meeting “no desire to retire” that started his journey to being an ‘olderpreneur’. “I wrote down the name, and told my business partner. I knew there was a business there, I just didn’t know what,” he explains.

In March 2015, Steve launched the website and quickly had thousands of 50-somethings sign-up eager to secure work. “Some people don’t want to retire and some economically can’t,” he clarifies. “No Desire To Retire is not about CVs, it’s a service to showcase talents and list your skills.”

The recruitment website encourages those looking for work to make the most of their existing skills and previous experience. “It’s about giving people a chance,” adds Steve.

“Employers want reliability. Yes, some physical roles are not possible but mature workers are calmer, not panic driven, better in a crisis and don’t have the distractions of todays youth.”

With a wealth of driven individuals, undoubtedly not glued to their phones, it’s no wonder insurers Aviva have signed up. The multinational brand headed straight for ‘No Desire To Retire’ when it was looking for recruits for its life insurance team. “Aviva needed employers who were able to connect with its customers and wanted to restore a balance in its team,” explains Steve.

It’s not just the positives that Steve is keen to highlight, he realises that it can often be difficult for those over 50 to take the first steps in finding work and is making it his mission to become a leading voice in the sector. He has a national partnership agreement with the Department for Work and Pensions and is also working with major care organisations such as Anchor.

“Older workers sometimes lack confidence, but often the barrier is self imposed. Your reflection may not look the same, but in your mind you’re still young! Hobbies and skills can be developed into a job. Stop thinking about the salary, and think about your income. If you enjoy driving, start a taxi business. I often tell my story as evidence beats disbelief.”

Steve has plenty of advice for employers too, he adds: “If you want to know about mature workers and how it could work for your business, talk to them! In my 30s I was concerned about status and the money, today it’s about getting it right and having a purpose.”

And for those wanting to become the next big thing: “Find something you really want to do and don’t have any expectations. Make your job your hobby, don’t be scared of it and let it grow gradually.”

With hopes of expanding the free-to-use site later this year and dreams of becoming the “Martin Lewis of older workers” this is one olderpreneur whose ambition grows with age.

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