Top tips on adding a conservatory to your home

Add a conservatory to your home

conservatoryThere are few home improvements that carry the weight and utility of a conservatory. Easy to erect and cheaper than the comparatively-expensive undertaking that is an extension, conservatories are perfect for brightening up your home, letting in light, creating space and increasing the value of your home.

Anglian Home Improvements has offered advice and information on the benefits for anyone consider adding a conservatory to their property:

Increase the value of your home with a conservatory

Conservatories have the benefit of building up the value of your home. A survey of estate agents by property company Move with Us estimated that a conservatory could boost a home’s value by around 5%, while research carried out by peer-to-peer lending service Zopa estimated an 8% rise.

Based on average house prices in England, this second figure could equate to £24,000 worth of returns, although the exact increase depends on a number of factors.

The location of the home, whether or not the conservatory aesthetically fits with the surrounding building, and the direction it faces all matter, although it’s highly unlikely that you won’t at least recoup your costs.

To get an idea of how much value it could add, enquire with neighbours in your area who have a conservatory, look online at house listings similar to yours with a conservatory, or work out your home’s price per square metre of floor space and multiply this amount by the area of the planned conservatory.

Improving your health Anglian-Home-Improvements

The natural light provided by conservatories is great for improving your health when the days are short. Light will seep into the room – even during the winter months – granting owners a range of health benefits, alongside the increase in ambient warmth and light.

Natural blue light is integral to the proper functioning of the body’s pineal gland, a part of the brain that regulates our sleeping patterns, and conservatories let in this light in spades.

Studies have found that people who receive lots of natural light enjoy more sleep each night, improving their health in the process, making a conservatory a gift that will continue giving.

Growing plants in a conservatory

Getting a conservatory is a brilliant way to combine relaxation and a love of nature. By constructing a few small raised beds lining the periphery of the conservatory’s interior walls, or alternatively popping a few large pots into the room, all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables can be grown during seasons when growth would otherwise be impossible.

The same goes for garden plants. The balmy climes of the room and high light levels will ensure a healthy amount of growth, and will defend against early spring cold snaps.

conservatory-ideasPlanning your conservatory project

All these benefits mean that conservatories are a popular home improvement choice but you need to make sure you do your homework and plan the project fully. As more people choose to invest in a conservatory, the need for approvals such as planning permission and building regulations are becoming more prevalent.

All alterations and new building works on a domestic property need to conform to CDM Regulations (Construction, Design and Management April 2015). But don’t let that put you off, because Anglian will help you through every step of the process and deliver the necessary Construction Phase Plan following installation.

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