2016 Garden Design Trends

2016 design trends to incorporate in to your garden

To give you inspiration for the upcoming year of horticulture, Wyevale Garden Centres have picked out this year’s biggest trends in garden design for us alongside their tips on how to incorporate them in to your own garden.

Garden trendsMix garden styles together

In 2016, a less rigid approach to garden design is set to be a big trend, with naturalistic and more formal styles sitting together in the same garden, or even the same border. Capture this look by mixing colourful and neatly arranged bedding plants with perennials which you’ve allowed to grow a bit more untamed.

Another great way to achieve this look is by mixing ornamental garden plants with fruit and veg, both in the garden and on the allotment. Many fruit and veg have an understated beauty which can add a totally new element to your borders, and the ornamental plants will attract pests away from your produce, giving you a healthier yield.

Container gardening

Whether you have a small urban garden or a larger plot of land to work with, container gardening can bring colour and vibrancy to paved areas and can be an excellent and accessible way of growing your own fruit and veg. Due in part to the public’s increased interest in growing their own food, container gardening has seen a surge in recent years. This is because it allows people without much space to enjoy the benefits of growing their own produce, which they can simply step on to the patio and harvest.

Fruit and veg can be an attractive as well as practical addition to your patio, especially if you house them in colourful and stylish containers. Upcycling is set to be another big design trend this year, and repurposing some of your old items, such as a watering can or a wellie, to grow your own food in will keep you right on style.

Contemporary garden lighting schemesGarden lighting schemes

The technology involved in outdoor lighting has improved dramatically over the past few years, and it’s now possible to have a lighting scheme which is fully customisable through your tablet or smartphone. LED spotlights and uplights can be used to highlight your favourite plants for dramatic effect, and the gentle illumination they provide is perfect for evenings outdoors over the summer.

Introduce these design elements to your garden to stay on-trend in 2016.

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