Is online dating for you?

Lover of romance, writer and dating expert at Toyboy Warehouse, Lucy Jones tells us why online dating has no age limit…


over-50s-datingA lot of the women over 50 that I speak to have recently come out of a divorce, or are widowed, they’re usually unsure how to reenter the dating scene. Rightfully so, it can easily seem daunting.

The truth is however, the dating world for the over 50s is far from quiet. This is especially true when it comes to online dating, where the market for over 50s dating is bigger than for those aged 2035.

However, there are some essential things to know before starting your dating experiences.

Understand the kind of relationship you want 

Age has no impact on the kind of relationship you may be after. Don’t think that simply because you’re older that there’s a expectation to settle down. From casual flings to marriage, there’s a wealth of relationship types available to you.

Two thirds of our East Anglian members aren’t particularly sure what type of relationship they want, it depends entirely on who they meet. Many are looking for something casual and around 17% are looking for serious relationships only. What ever relationship type you think may work for you, there will be thousands of other people looking for the same.

Open up your expectations

With the advent of technology in dating, a handful of potential partners has now become tens of thousands of potential partners. This may seem daunting, however what it does offer is a wider range online-datingof qualities you can choose in your future partner.

You don’t have to settle for someone the same age as you, for example Toyboy Warehouse caters exclusively for older women and younger men. As travel and communication methods are significantly more advanced, dating someone from further afield is now becoming more common.

Since 2006, we’ve found the average distance between partners in a relationship has increased dramatically. Many of our East Anglian members are now in relationships with people from London, Nottingham and elsewhere. Moreover, qualities such as personality, looks, career, etc. are all things you can now specify in a partner.

Is online dating for me?

Online dating is massive. There are tens of thousands of other over 50ss using dating sites and if you’re looking to meet new people it’s a fantastic place to start. Find a dating site that fits what you’re looking for, ensure the site has a moderation process and safeguards in place to keep you safe online. Search through members and don’t be afraid to chat to new people. For many, this has been the beginning for some fantastic relationships. If you find online dating isn’t for you, you can try meet up groups, singles’ events, etc. There are so many ways to connect with people and form new relationships, being over 50 is not an excuse to ignore them.


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