Larry Lamb Interview – Rolling back the years

Not ready for retirement just yet? Larry Lamb offers his top tips on holding back the years

Veteran actor Larry Lamb, 67, has had a roller-coaster life and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet. He shares his top tips for keeping joints in shape and living life to the full – whatever your age.

Tip 1. Keep in shape

There’s no way I could sit around doing nothing – and luckily I’m in a job where I don’t have to retire so long as I can keep myself in shape. It’s a given that staying fit and healthy as you age is harder than when you were in your 20s, but I make an effort to do some physical activity every morning as it keeps me feeling my best. Nothing too strenuous: half an hour of core muscle exercises followed by half an hour on the exercise bike. Sets me up for the day!

Tip 2. Supplement your diet

I used to suffer with terrible hip and knee pain, which was far from ideal when scrambling across the Roman Ruins for a recent job. I started taking a supplement called GOPO Joint Health ( after hearing a glowing report from Arlene Phillips – and I can honestly say I have never felt better. Not only has GOPO eradicated the pain I had in my joints, it also helps me stay active. And I’ve not had a cold since.

Tip 3. Eat well

I eat healthily, and always have done – I think it’s hugely important, whatever your age. Eat everything in moderation and enjoy your meals. My weakness is a rib of beef grilled over embers of an open fire – I just make sure I do an extra 20 minutes of exercise if I treat myself. I also eat a lot of fruit, harking back to my days working on a London fruit and veg stall as a boy.

Tip 4. Say no to booze

I gave it up alcohol about four years ago but I wish I’d done it 40 years ago. Too much alcohol is just a disaster for your body. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine, but it’s just too easy to get carried away.

I have a young family and suddenly realised I wasn’t immortal. Why waste precious times battling with a hangover?

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