Surf your way to health

 IT1By Adam Bracher
Technology Development Manager, Workers’ Educational Association

Living in the age of technology can be confusing, even for those of us born into it.

It’s not surprising, then, to understand why some people of a certain age prefer to talk rather than type, or choose to lick a stamp rather than click a mouse when keeping in touch with their loved ones.

What if, however, the deal was sweetened?

IT2Would it change your mind to know that a recent study showed that older people who used social media were less likely to develop dementia, have a higher sense of self-competence, and better mental and physical health than their peers who don’t?

One lady was even quoted as saying: “Its brought fun into my life again. Its changed my life. Everyone will tell you, I’m a different person. I’ve lost weight. I’ve started taking care of my appearance again. My life feels bigger now. I was slipping away into a slower pace of life. I feel invigorated.” Now if that isn’t a recommendation, I don’t know what is!

The Workers’ Educational Association is at the forefront of delivering adult education both nationally and regionally and is perfectly placed to meet the needs of those wishing to develop or enhance their digital skills.

Whether you want to come on a course with one of the many providers like the WEA or are after support, there are many opportunities within local communities through libraries, UK Online centres, banks and learning providers.

Having that first taste of digital technology can lead to an appetite for learning, exploring, increased health and wellbeing and using the internet as part of our everyday lives.

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