Looking good, feeling great

There are some secrets to looking stylish, at any age, say Alicia Kite and Kay Davidson of Alicia Kay Style. The fashion duo provide us with their top tips for being sexy at any age.

“The best place to start with style is with underwear,” says Alicia. A moulded bra is a must, as it can help keep your silhouette looking youthful. Your breast should sit to the mid top of your arm, and not any lower. If you haven’t had a bra fitting for years, now is the time to book one. Though you might not have noticed, your shape is likely to have changed and a good under layer will make your outer layers look even better on.

Less is more
Less is more as you get older, forget about clothes that have too much embellishment. Too many frills, too much lace or sparkle can age you. Instead of embellishments, choose simple styles in quality fabrics.

If you want to add extra sparkle, choose your accessories wisely. They can turn back the years, and also make you look slimmer. A long necklace that sits just below your tummy button will make your body look longer and also disguise a tummy. This style of necklace can also help make a larger breast look more modest.

“You can still enjoy fashion and make it work for you with our style tips, no matter what your age.”

There isn’t an age where many of us like our arms, but a bracelet or cuff is a great way to take the focus off the top of your arms. A cocktail ring is also an easy accessory to wear that draws the eye to the beautiful accessory and not towards aging hands. Meanwhile, hoops or longer earrings are the perfect accessory to give you more depth to your jaw line. If you are conscious of ageing hands, look at the sleeve lengths of your blazers, tops and jackets. The most flattering cut for sleeves is just below your wrist bone, not across your hand.

Stay positiveAlicia-&-Kay-1_0983
When you are buying clothes, focus on your positives and never dwell on your negatives. If you need help, write down your three favourite parts of your body, whether it’s your arms, ankles or even your ears, begin dressing for your positives. Choose items that draw attentions to these parts of your bod. There is too much temptation to dwell on your negatives. Instead, accept your body and learn to feel great about it!

For more style tips and advice, visit www.aliciakaystyle.com and look and feel amazing, no matter what your age.

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