Keeping a spark in your relationship

Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist with 20 years experience as a self-help expert, life coach and agony aunt, gives some advice on how to keep a spark in your relationship

The early stages of a relationship are often exciting and thrilling. Sometimes when we’ve been in a relationship for a little longer, we may feel in need of a boost to recapture the romance and spark.

As we age, we can experience sexual challenges that impact our relationships, including a loss or lack of sexual desire and issues such as intimate dryness or difficulty sustaining an erection. For women, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause can all have an impact, along with factors such as stress, busy lifestyles, body image and self-confidence.

Take some ‘me time’

Recent statistics from Lady Prelox, a dietary supplement designed to boost libido, show that eight out of ten women have experienced a lack or loss of sex drive at some point in their lives. As stress and tiredness are often the reasons for a dwindling libido, it’s important to take some time out for you. Try a new hobby such as yoga or pilates to relax and unwind. Go for a short walk after work to help you re-energise. Exercise also releases mood-enhancing hormones so you may feel happier and sexier too!

Enjoy little surprisesBed

Gone are the days of grand gestures. Concentrate on surprising your loved one with little things that remind them that you care. Do they have a favourite film? Surprise them with a night in together to watch it. Make breakfast in bed with their favourite treat. Leave surprise notes around the house to remind them how much you love them. When it comes to keeping a spark in your relationship, the little things really do count.

Consider what you eat

The right nutrition has a huge impact on your general health and wellbeing and so it’s no surprise that eating foods that are good for you should help your relationship too. If you suffer from energy slumps throughout the day, you should avoid sugary foods and include more whole grains in your diet. Try eating nuts, cereals and brown rice as they deliver slow-release energy, keeping you fuller for longer too. They are also packed with B vitamins, which are important for energy production. Food such as oats, leafy green vegetables, oily fish, adding spices like ging  er and chilli to dishes and dark chocolate have also been shown to have libido enhancing qualities.

LovingFind your desire in a plant extract

Physical challenges such as a lack of desire, difficulty reaching orgasm, intimate dryness or even fatigue or tiredness can often be overcome naturally through nutrition. A good example of this is natural supplement Lady Prelox, which combines plant-extract pycnogenol, a rose hip extract and naturally occurring amino acids L’Arginine and L’Citrulline. Together, these natural ingredients can improve blood flow and reduce tiredness, increasing sexual desire, pleasure and comfort. Prelox, a natural desire supplement for men, also contains pycnogenol and can improve erectile function. It’s important to also explore other underlying causes for lack of sexual desire like potential medical issues, healing rows with your partner, or taking steps to get rid of excess stress in your life.

Throw away your to-do list

I don’t mean abandon your responsibilities completely, but for one day, throw away your to-do list and simply concentrate on spending time together. That new piece of furniture you were hoping to buy or the garden you were planning to mow can wait. Clear your diary and just enjoy the time you have to focus on each other.

Dr-Pam-SpurrAlmost two thirds of women will suffer from some form of sexual challenge during their lifetime, whether this is issues lubricating, difficulty reaching orgasm or a lack of libido. Dr Pam Spurr is a supporter of natural desire boosting supplement Lady Prelox (

Dr Pam can be found at or @drpamspurr

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